Friday, May 30, 2008

Treasure Hunt

There is a game called Treasure Hunt.
Very much interesting and thrilling.

In which one starts from a source, looking for something.
As per the clue, starts finding way to the destination.
After lots of efforts he is able to locate the point.
Still reaching there is not an easy task.

Again, lots of efforts.
So many ups and downs, problems you never thought of and anything that is willing to stop you. In this journey there a point may come where someone can think that I am still not sure if there is treasure or not, so should I invest my efforts or leave the game...

No, I HAVE TO move ahead. I HAVE to reach the destination.
And he puts his best to reach there.
After a long hectic journey, he reaches the ultimate destination.
And of course...
There is a prize for everyone who dares and works hard.

Destination achieved.
Victory is yours.

Game is over.


Game to abhi shuru hua hai . . .

Just look at the prize carefully...
In detail...
And it’s actually a NEW CLUE!
To next destination...
And you are at new source point!

So where is the main treasure...?
Because every victory, every destination is leading to another one.
So what should I do?

He Prabhu, is duvidha se sirf aaphi bacha sakte ho...

Shri Krishna uwach-
Karmanye wadhikaraste ma faleshu kadachan

Just keep on moving ahead,
There is no such destination where this treasure hunt ends.

And after some time one may realize that the journey between two points is the real destination, real treasure.

Trying to understand this gibberish.
Standing on a new source point.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

relaxing anticipation

Can somebody explain this word?
At least I don’t think so.
It’s an experience.
Like orgasm.

Before few hours I was sitting in City Pride theaters.
Attending ICE Short film festival.
Watching short film done by me n my friends.
‘Kya Aam Admi Surakshit Hai?’

I was bit nervous in the starting; it was film’s first public appearance.
I wasn’t actually holding my breath or something like that…
But still I could feel my heartbeat.
Film started.
N my ears were catching each n every detail in the auditorium.
Laughter. Applauses. Claps. Sighs.

And you reach to a level high, your body loosens, you are sitting in a slanting posture in chair, your eyes are half open, there is a smile on face, n there is no energy remaining.

It was so good that now I want to have more of it.
You know, it’s like being addict to drugs.
You want next dose before first kick is over.

So, now even if first euphoria is fresh,
I need to start preparing for next dose.

Monday, May 26, 2008

NOTHING by Danielle Moffat

Actually this is Swati's reply to my welcome post,
but it is so awsome that i am putting it as my post so that who'll visit my blog can read it.
thanks dear...

Swati says -
i have this poem which i would like to share ..
well as you say its 'nothing'
but sometimes i find that poems say a lot
that i am not able to do so.
so here it is -

An Idea Concieved At Night, Now Lost.
Out of nothing it grew
And became nothing all at once,
Seeking nothing
Seeing nothing
And asking for nothing.

Nothingness surrounded it,
A blackness that began at nothing
And ended there too,
So that there was nothing
In its place.

Beside nothing it walked,
Into nothing it stepped
And it could run through nothing
Execept a blank piece of paper,
Which might have saved it.

Fed by nothing,
Tolerated by nobody but I,
It blinked blind eyes
Towards its source
And disappeared again almost at once,
So that nothing could be
Concieved of it.

But for a blinding moment,
I saw it,
The nothing that was nothing
That had come from nowhere,
An invisible light in the dark.

Where before there was nothing,
Afterwards I could go
Nowhere for the loss of it.

Danielle Moffat

Friday, May 23, 2008


What’s Zero?
What is nothing?
Nothing is nothing.
Nothing at all.
How can nothing be something?

If zero is nothing, then nothing is zero.

Is it just unknown absence of something,… or presence …?
Whatever, still it has its own identity.
But, how can something have identity when it is nothing… :
Nothing is really amazing!

Is there something which is really similar to zero,
Means something similar to nothing… :
Don’t you think, it is really hard even to compare nothing?
As there is nothing with which u can compare nothing.

One of the main causes of the fall of the Roman Empire was, lacking zero.
Yes, it’s true.
They had everything, except nothing.

Zero is never –ve or +ve.
It is world’s ultimate neutral.

Is there anything, which is nothing but everything…
nowhere but still everywhere…
never and forever…

Yes, If you believe.

Isn’t it enough that for last few seconds you are reading about nothing?