Sunday, January 18, 2009

where eagles fly

Earlier, I used to wonder

What’s the soaring high?

Even imagination fell short

I knew, there eagles fly


One morning I opened my eyes

And couldn’t believe my sight

Shining sun was same as yesterday

But rays were warmer and bright


Believe me, I was close to sun

Missed a heartbeat and looked down

Thought, it’s what we call paradise

A villa in clouds, above matchbox town


Down there, every one was running

For success, for status… in every race

Few stared me with green eyes

Oh, I had cloud 9 as my base


Gardens of smiles and pool of contentment

          Every corner is piece of art

Lured by king size lifestyle

Makes everything else feel short


Never knew, someone so complete

          Smiling calmly in struggling crowd

A few steps above the ordinary

          An incomparable living, to be proud


Every time I park my vehicle

          I look up in the sky

A confident smile appears on my face

          I know, where eagles fly