Wednesday, November 26, 2008

‘Requiem for Dev D’ . . . ?

Just saw the trailer of ‘Dev D’.
Quiet awaited in a circle of viewers who love experimental films.
Anurag’s version of ‘Devdas’,
May be a relief after watching rich n hi-life of ‘Devaaa….’ In Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas.

When i saw the trailer, it reminded me of some other film.

Yes, I am quiet impressed with the bringing character to someone in us.
Abhay Deol as an actor is really good in his character.
(Thank God, there is at least 1 in Deols whom we can call actor.)
He really looks like the person besides you in bus.
The song is interesting.


Taking of few scenes, like having drugs, aftereffects with trail and mainly shots where camera is moving with character from front, as if it is attached to him (I don’t know what they call it technically) and last but not least, his crying out in the water connected me directly to ‘Requiem for a dream’. A masterpiece in all manners; story, script, visual presentation, impact, aftereffects on audience and best of all ‘conveying message’.

Somewhere it hurt my expectations from maker of ‘Paanch, Black Friday n No Smoking’. Means i felt like stealing of style. Anurag does films in his own style. Means, it's true that very few people will relate it to ‘Requiem for a dream’, as others don't know that there is such a film existing. But few people, hardcore fans of Anurag's work or at least me, was bit disappointed to see the trailer.  This disappointment is because of expectations of something new from a creative director. 
But still if this reaches that level, it will be a masterpiece (n even I won’t mind :) ).

But again Anurag is mixing it with Devdas, that makes it a bigger challenge.
Even if the the stories runs slightly on parallel tracks, the reasons behind destruction are far ends. So the moral of the film is the most critical part to handle. As Devdas's spoiling his life using drugs because he has lost love; this makes love great. In other story, All are spoiling their life, their love for drugs; this makes it a warning, beware or you'll be f#@*#d to death.

And not to forget, the Indian audience (and even critics :) ), how they take it.

‘Requiem for a dream’ is an example of Successful Experimental Film.
let’s hope, ‘Dev D’ does it for Indian crowd.

Best luck Anurag… what else…

Dev D

Requim for a dream